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SWIPECAST is the new paradigm for the creative industry - a discovery and booking platform for today's image makers. Our members are part of a carefully curated community of talent, creatives, and taste makers.

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A New App Wants to Disrupt the Modeling World: Should Agencies Be Worried?
Aug 18, 2015

The modeling industry has evolved significantly over the past few decades—the days of Polaroids kept in a file have been replaced by the dominance of Instagram — but one thing that has remained relatively unchanged is the agency template.


The brainchild of Peter Fitzpatrick, president of agency Silent Models NY, Swipecast provides a booking alternative that Fitzpatrick believes will ultimately democratize the process. “This was really meant as a way to solve problems and give everyone access,” says Fitzpatrick, noting that agencies can have their own biases, such as favoring established photographers over newer talents [...]

Will ‘Uber for Models’ Disrupt the Industry?
Aug 18, 2015

New apps like Swipecast connect models eager to maximise their income with clients who want a cheaper and easier alternative to traditional agencies. But will they really change the game?


When Peter Fitzpatrick launched modelling agency Silent Models in January of 2010, Instagram had yet to be born. Fast forward five years and social media platforms have reshaped the modelling world, opening up new opportunities from scouting to marketing. But the former hedge fund investor turned entrepreneur is still frustrated by what he sees as inefficiencies in the way the industry functions.

“Your typical model works one or two days per week,” Fitzpatrick explains. “Agents have favourites and certain girls fall through the cracks. [...]

Meet Swipecast: The Professional Tinder For Models And Creatives
Aug 18, 2015

When Peter Fitzpatrick started his own modeling agency, Silent Models NY, five years ago, he was shocked by how inefficient the industry was. “A lot of the process from how models are scouted, to how they are booked, to how they communicate with clients has so many extra levels…it just doesn’t make any sense,” he said.


It’s only now, though, that’s he figured out how to use technology to stamp out the inefficiencies. Today, Fitzpatrick launched Swipecast, a mobile marketplace that allows photographers, designers, stylists, and retailers to book models through an iPhone app. The way it works is simple [...]


I am currently on the wait list. When can I start swiping?

Swipecast is in very high demand! We are trying to get you onto the platform as soon as possible. In the meantime, please tell your friends about Swipecast and make sure they use your referral code. Making referrals is a great way to skip the line!

How do I get booked for a job?

Post your profile on Swipecast and tell users a little about yourself. Have you shot any major campaigns? Do you have a models.com profile? Tell us a little about your personality and what makes you tick. Make sure to include updated digital snapshots taken within the last month so that we can see what you look like today.

When do I get paid for jobs on Swipecast?

If the job is a direct booking, you will get paid within 6 hours of completing the job. No more waiting 2-3 months for the client to pay!

What percentage does Swipecast take?

Swipecast charges a flat 10% fee on transactions. Most traditional modeling agencies charge 40%, with 20% charged to the model and 20% charged to the client.




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